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C-Chip, Neubauer Improved Disposable Counting Chamber, 50 pieces


A precision disposable hemocytometer, developed to solve problems of a conventional glass hemocytometer. The C-Chip offers precise volume control and is easy to use. It is made of high-grade optical plastic and contains two counting chambers with a clear grid pattern.

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Product Details


C-Chip™ Disposable Counting Chamber
World's first truly disposable Counting Chamber, the C-Chip™ offers precise volume control and is easy to use.


  • Quartz grade optical plastic
  • Precise design leads to highly reproducible results
  • Two counting chambers fitted with clearest grid pattern rich in contrast
  • Exposure to infectious material is reduced due to its closed system
  • Continuous sample containment - Light and unbreakable compared to glass
  • No need for cover slips
  • Time and cost saving
  • For single use  


  • Blood Analysis: Blood Cell Counting
  • Cell Culture: Cell Concentration measurement / Cell Viability Test
  • Microbiology: Bacteria and Fungal Spore Counting  
  • IVF, IUI: Sperm Counting  

Long exposure to solvents will cause the slide to warp. Xylene and toluene based mounting media should be avoided. Glycerol, gelatine and other aqueous-based media are recommended. The C-Chip is intended for single use only. Do not reuse. It should be used immediately after unsealing.

More Information

More Information
Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts
Application Areas Blood Analysis, Cell Culture, Microbiology, IVF, IUI
Counting Grids
Neubauer Improved
Chamber Depth 100µm
Packing Unit 50 pieces
Dimensions 25(B) x 75(L) x 1,6(T)mm
Disposable Counting Chamber
Chambers Volume 10µl
Number of Chambers

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