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Questions & Answers Sessions

Some things can be discussed more easily in person...

Therefore, we are particularly pleased to offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with experts of partnering companies and us. Starting Monday, 23.08.2021 every day of the conference, we will be available during and after lunch break to talk about products and applications.

The best time to register for the sessions of your choice is now, because an “early-bird” surprise package awaits the first 20 registrations.*


Mon, 23.08.2021 
12:30 - 14:30 

Sample Preparation, Light Microscopy, Gradient Fractionation/ GraFix,... meet the Team! (de/en) Team Science Services  

Tue, 24.08.2021
12:30 - 14:30

Questions and Answers on ImmunoGold Silver Staining (en) Peter van de Plas - is product specialist at Aurion. He has a background in histology and immunocytochemistry. Peter joined Aurion in 1991. Since then, he contributed not only in the development of Aurion products and product applications but also in designing the Aurion workshop ImmunoGold Silver Staining.  

Wed, 25.08.2021
12:30 - 14:30

Ultramicrotomy in Material Science and Biology (de/en) Helmut Gnaegi - is one of the founders of DiATOME, premier supplier of diamond knives and related accessories. He is one of the leading instructors for ultramicrotomy and has a vast experience in cutting biological and material samples for microscopy.  

Thu, 26.08.2021 
12:30 - 14:30 

Sample preparation and orientation for (ultra-thin) sectioning // Array Tomography (en) Gareth Morgan - is application specialist at RMC Boeckeler and has gained gazillion years of experience as EM technician at Oxford Brookes University. He is one of the leading instructors for ultramicrotomy, array tomography and sample preparation in electron microscopy.  

* The offer is only valid for employees and students of scientific faculties and organizations. To confirm, please specify your institute or company email address. We will then contact you regarding the shipping address. Only while supplies last!