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5th ATUMtome & Array Tomography Workshop
in Munich from April 19
th to 20th 2016


The 5th workshop on ATUMtome and Array Tomography for 3D reconstructions with scanning electron microscopy was held in the Zeiss Labs in Munich from April 19th to 20th. Organized by Science Services in collaboration with RMC Boeckeler and Zeiss we can look back to a very exciting workshop with fulfilling discussions and bringing the EM community of researchers from institutes from Germany and surrounding countries closer together.


The technique was originally developed at Harvard University (Prof. Jeff Lichtman, Boston, USA) for serial sectioning of brain tissue to allow 3D reconstructions of brain morphology at EM resolution. It has opened the door for use in many serial section applications.


The ATUMtome is a unique machine for cutting and handling thousands of ultrathin sections, which are automatically transferred onto a tape. Sections on tape are mounted on a conductive substrate, e.g. a silicon wafer. The populated wafers are now ready for imaging with a scanning electron microscope. To speed up data acquisition, Zeiss developed the ATLAS 5 program, a software and hardware package that allows automated image acquisition of serial sections to perform 3D reconstructions.


The two-day workshop program included theoretical and practical hands-on sessions on the ATUMtome and the new ATLAS 5 software for imaging large data sets with Zeiss SEM microscopes.


As always, the number of attendees was limited to allow each user enough time to gain experience in preparing sections using the ATUMtome, preparing the sections for SEM examination and then SEM examination and array tomography.


We also want to thank the invited speaker and instructor Christel Genoud from FMI Basel and Greg Becker from RMC Boeckeler for sharing their experience.



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