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    • Starting at €32.30 €38.44

      Starting at €32.30 €38.44

      Glycol Methacrylate embedding medium provides excellent preservation (especially enzymatic autoradiographic studies). Good for E.M., L.M., and Histo.

      • Starting at €32.30 €38.44

        Starting at €32.30 €38.44

        Polyethylene Glycol - Glycol methacrylate mixture. A water miscible embedding medium for cytochemical studies and enzyme localization when light and electron microscopy need to be correlated.

        • Starting at €99.70 €118.64

          Starting at €99.70 €118.64

          A water soluble embedding media which is based on Glycol Methacrylate (GMA) plastic embedding. It is intended for use in preparing samples for high resolution light microscopy (HRLM).

          • Starting at €94.20 €112.10

            Starting at €94.20 €112.10

            Offers all of the same features as JB-4™ with the following additions: Less exothermic reaction than JB4, good for temperature sensitive tissues. Harder blocks, which is ideal for dense samples, such as bone.

            • Starting at €18.10 €21.54

              • Starting at €217.10 €258.35

                Starting at €217.10 €258.35

                LR-Gold offers the advantage for histochemistry and immunocytochemistry of working with unfixed tissues at low temperatures. It is non-toxic and has a low viscosity.
                • Starting at €339.80 €404.36

                  Starting at €339.80 €404.36

                  Technovit® 4000 is a fast curing, cold polymerizing, three-component resin, which is based on a modified polyester, and it is available in the form of powder, liquid I, and syrup II. The color is white opaque.
                  • Starting at €30.80 €36.65

                    Starting at €30.80 €36.65

                    A very low viscosity (8cps), non-toxic resin, suitable for both Light and Electron Microscopy. LR White is a polar monomer polyhydroxylated aromatic acrylic resin. It can be cured by heat or by UV light. The uncatalyzed version has to be activated prior to use by adding the included catalyst.
                    • €932.00 €1,109.08
                      €932.00 €1,109.08
                      Lowicryl's K11M and HM23 have properties similar to K4M and HM20, but can be used at temperatures 20 degrees lower than others.
                      • €939.10 €1,117.53
                        €939.10 €1,117.53
                        Highly cross-linked acrylate-based embedding resins, designed for use over a wide range of embedding conditions. These resins provide low viscosity at low temperatures.