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    • An aromatic polyepoxide, a colorless resin of relatively low viscosity, with virtually no shrinkage.

      • Luft's Formula. Polymerization takes place overnight so blocks can be sectioned the next day. J. Biochem. Biophy. Cytol. 9, 409 (1961).

        • Also known as American Araldite. The blocks are slightly harder than those produced by Araldite 502.

          • Mollenhauer Epon-Araldite Formula. For hard blocks and high image contrast. Blocks are easily sectioned. Stain Tech., 39,11 (1964)

            • Three different mixtures: one for relatively soft blocks, another for harder blocks for collagenous tissue, and a tougher one if required.

              • This mixture is less viscous than the final embedding mixture of EMbed-812.

                • Provides excellent penetration for embedding biological tissues and rapid infiltration.

                  • A water miscible epoxy resin used for both light and electron microscopy. Its low viscosity permits easy infiltration and embedding, and yields light-colored blocks.

                    • Starting at €9.05 €7.80

                      Starting at €9.05 €7.80

                      Electron Microscopy Sciences' replacement for the discontinued Epon-812. Produces the same results in terms of preservation, handling, sectioning, and staining as the old Epon-812.

                      • Starting at €63.10 €54.40

                        Starting at €63.10 €54.40

                        EMbed 812 has the same characteristics as Epon 812, physically, and provides the same results in preservation, handling, curing and sectioning.