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Resolution Standards

    • €99.06 €85.40
      €99.06 €85.40
      For resolution test of SE and BSE imaging and also for chemical mapping in high-resolution systems such as an Auger scanning instrument. Gold particle range from 5nm to 150nm.
      • €67.40 €58.10
        €67.40 €58.10
        This high resolution TEM test specimen is an arrangement of finely-dispersed thin gold particles on carbon film. The gold particles have a size distribution which is nominally in the range 2nm to 9nm.
        • €123.42 €106.40
          €123.42 €106.40
          These gold foils are mounted on gold grids, a valuable tool to check resolution, image quality, magnification and instrument stability.
          • €48.14 €41.50
            €48.14 €41.50
            These latex particles have a diameter of 0,204µm and are shadowed with a coating of gold. Measure the finest migrated gold particles in the shadow to determine the resolution of the STEM.
            • -68%
            Special Price €250.44 €215.90 Regular Price €778.48
            Special Price €250.44 €215.90 Regular Price €778.48
            With gold particles ranging from <2 nm to 30 nm, this test is suitable for ultra high resolution SEM tests such as field emission electron source. A magnification of at least 80,000x is required for this test.

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