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AcrylMount, Kit for Cold Mounting


Cold Mounting Media, translucent, acrylic, for routine work.
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Product Details


AcryMount is a fast curing acrylic resin in the form of a powder and liquid. AcryMount is specially developed for embedding of ordinary materialographic specimens when a relatively high shrinkage can be tolerated.

The good flow quantities permit all pores and cracks in the specimens to be filled with the resin.

After hardening, AcryMount can be cut, ground, polished, etc.


  • Degrease the specimen before it is placed in the mold
  • Pour 3 part by weight of powder into 2 parts by weight of liquid and stir carefully for 30 seconds. Pour the mixture over the specimen cautiously, to avoid air bubbles, and let the resin harden.

If you do not have access to a weight, you may use a volume portioning instead: 2 parts powder, 1 part liquid. Please note that, we recommend weighing to obtain the best possible mounting quality.

  • AcryMount starts to harden as soon as the powder is added to the liquid.
  • When operating with large quantities in the mount, the polymerization temperature can become so high that it is necessary to eliminate the heat generated.
  • When embedding specimens with a high thermal capacity (e.g. large specimens of metal) it may be necessary to add heat to achieve a good result. This is can be done in embedding oven.
  • If required, the hardness of AcryMount can be increased by the addition of Hardfiller (optional) – for instance for maximum edge retention of specimens


Technical Data

Components Powder/Liquid
Mixing ratio 3/2 parts of weight (2/1 part of volume)
Hardening Hardening time 9-10 minutes. Pot life is about 1 minute maximum. Temperature during hardening 116°C. All hardening information is valid for 30g mounting material at a room temperature of 20°C.
Properties Hardness 82 shore D,linear hardening shrinkage 0.5%, resistant to most common acids and bases. Soluble in acetone, ethylacetate, not soluble in alcohol. Increase of hardness: Hardfiller (optional) 
Mounting cups Polyethylene Mold cup, Silicone Mold.

More Information

More Information
Mandatory sign
Tightly sealed goggles Tightly sealed goggles
Protective gloves Protective gloves
Signal word
Symbol GHS
Component Parts 500g resin powder, 225ml hardener
Packing Unit kit
Shipping Class
Hazardous Good LQ
SDS (multilingual) E1256-H