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Coating Systems

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    Art.Nr: EMiniQS

    The compact and robust MiniQS is ideal for benchtop/tabletop SEM applications. It features intuitive operation and allows fast and easy coating of SEM samples with gold, gold/palladium or silver using a Magnetron sputtering head.

    • Art.Nr: MFTE20

      The Tennant20 Os-Coater is an advanced table-top PE-CVD system that creates high-quality pure conductive Os coatings for SEM sample preparation. The rotary pumped system creates ultra-thin coatings with very small grain-size and high conductivity.

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        The EMS150V ES Plus is denpending on the configuration a high-vacuum system for sputtering of oxidizing metals with ultra-fine grain sizes for high resolution imaging and carbon coating with high purity, amorphous carbon films for TEM grid coating or a combined system for both. Backing pump not included.
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          The EMS150T Plus Series is on the configuration a high-vacuum system for sputtering, carbon evaporation using rods/cord or both. This high resolution sputter coater is suited for oxidizing and non-oxidizing (noble) metals. The carbon coater is ideal for the production of highly stable carbon films and replicas. Backing pump not included.
        • The EMS150R Plus Series is depending on the configuration a rotary pumped system for sputtering of non-oxidizing metals (e.g. gold, platinum, silver, palladium), for carbon coating with cord source for SEM (e.g. EDS and WDS) or a combined system for both. Rotary pump not included.