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Plasma Cleaner and Pumping Stations

    • Art.Nr: PIEM100

      The EM-KLEEN in-situ remote plasma cleaner can be used for in-situ cleaning of samples and vacuum chambers for electron microscopes and other types of analytical instruments, such as SEM, FIB, TEM, XPS and SIMS. It can effectively remove hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon contaminations inside the vacuum chamber as well as organic contaminations on the surface of the sample before imaging and analysis.

      • Art.Nr: PIETE100

        The Tergeo EM plasma cleaner is a laboratory tabletop plasma system designed for TEM and SEM samples, grids and holders. It can accomodate up to two TEM holders or two 4″ wafers.

        The Tergeo plasma system can operate in two cleaning modes: Immersion plasma cleaning for high speed etching and surface modification and remote plasma cleaning for gentle surface contamination removal, such as SEM/TEM sample cleaning. With pulsed operation for extremely delicate samples, plasma with an average RF power of less than 0,5W can be generated.