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      The FlipScribe is a manual scribing tool for backside scribing of substrates (e.g. wafer) and allows viewing of the substrate front side for accurate adjustment of the scribing position. It is a compact, stable and precise tool for fast scribing and cleaving and is suitable for a variety of materials: e.g. Si, sapphire, GaN, glass, SiC. The maximum substrate size is a 4 inch / 100mm wafer.

      • Starting at €829.00 €986.51

        Starting at €829.00 €986.51

        The Wafer Cleaving Kit XL contains all components of the Wafer Cleaving Kit Standard (E7642) and in addition the Lattice Scriber with a premium quality diamond tip and a pair of small sample cleaving pliers.

        • Starting at €391.20 €465.53

          Starting at €391.20 €465.53

          A complete set of tools for clean cleaving of wafers into strips and small pieces. With this set good cut cross-sections are achieved. The Wafer Cleaving Kit Standard consists of three diamond scribers, tweezers, a small and large (optional) cutting mat and a pair of pliers.

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