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    • Starting at €16.10 €19.16

      Starting at €16.10 €19.16

      Five layer composite cutting mat will let you cut cleanly through an object and into the mat. Great for protecting both cutting tip and working surface. Ensures the cored sample comes out completely without burrs and bits. These cutting mats are reversible, inert, self-healing and can be sterilized with ethanol. 1.5mm thick.
      • €21.30 €25.35
        €21.30 €25.35
        Art.Nr: E71182

        A tool for direct manipulation of sections and small tissue samples. The Eyelash may be used during ultramicrotomy to carefully tease sections from the Diamond Knife to the TEM Grid. It comes on a sable brush handle made from the highest quality wood.

        These Eyelashes may be cleaned and sterilized with alcohol and a tissue.

        • €64.50 €76.76
          €64.50 €76.76
          Art.Nr: E72151
          The Glascribe® Pen, with retractable tungsten carbide tip, lets you inscribe on glass, ceramics, and plastic. The pen has a pocket clip, so it is always handy when needed.
                • Art.Nr: STJ-0180
                  Set includes: Micro TouchPick Pen MT-4200, Micro TouchPick Pen MT-4400, Scalpel/Roller Knife (Scalpel with a a roller-wheel device). Special Cleaning Compound. Set come in a Black Holder Case.
                  • €113.00 €134.47
                    €113.00 €134.47
                    Art.Nr: E62082-52
                    Stone size is 51x152mm. Set on a walnut pedestal with a cover.
                    • €102.60 €122.09
                      €102.60 €122.09
                      Art.Nr: E62082-51
                      Stone size is 51x152mm. Set on a walnut pedestal with a cover.