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    • Starting at €54.70 €65.09

      Starting at €54.70 €65.09

      Uranyless is a non-radioactive staining reagent as alternative to uranyl acetate. An optimized lanthanide Mix allows fast staining times. Uranyless is suitable for classical and negative staining procedures. The 30ml dispenser bottle is sufficient for staining of up to 1500 TEM grids.

      UranyLess in 30% Ethanol is recommended for dense and lipid-rich tissue which is difficult to stain.
      UranyLess in Acetone is used for contrasting cryo-fixed tissue during freeze substitution.

      Recommended for use with Lead Citrate (#DM22410).

      • Starting at €54.70 €65.09

        Starting at €54.70 €65.09

        Lead Citrate is a commonly used metal stain for ultra-thin sections for electron microscopy. The Lead Citrate – Ready to Use Solution is ideal as counterstain for samples stained with UranyLess to enhance the contrast. The 3% solution is provided in a 30ml airless dispenser bottle and syringe for TEM Stainer QG3100.


        Recommended for use with UranyLess (#DM22409).


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