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Laboratory Microwave Oven

    • Art.Nr: E97030
      The EMS 9000 Laboratory Microwave Oven represents a state-of-the-art solution for performing many of the steps in sample preparation prior to either light or electron microscopy. Procedures such as fixation, staining, dehydration, decalcification, impregnation, polymerization as well as immunohisto and cytochemistry can be done with ease in the EMS 9000. The EMS 9000 offers a significant reduction in processing times while obtaining improved results.
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        The EMS 9002 Vacuum Processor is a factory installed only optional accessory for the EMS-9000 Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave. The connected vacuum improves ultra-structural preservation during chemical fixation and reduces infiltration times.

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        • €248.60 €295.83
          Art.Nr: E97036-01
          This Neon Bulb Array is a tool used to locate power peaks in microwaves. It is made from silicone which is highly resistant to extreme heat. The bulbs are 2.5cm apart and the mat is divided into quadrants. An alphanumeric code helps identifying the hot spots. Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm.
          €248.60 €295.83
          • Art.Nr: E97052-16

            Bowl for tissue processing suitable for laboratory microwaves, such as the EMS-9000. Diameter: 24.75 cm, Depth: 5cm, Liquid capacity: 2.9 liters.

            CAUTION: Not for use with vacuum attachments!

            • Art.Nr: E97052-14
              Used to transfer processor bowls in and out of microwave processors. Made of durable microwave resistant polypropylene plastic. Dimensions: 30.5 x 25.4 x 12.7cm (12" x 10" x 5").
              • Art.Nr: E97052-13
                A Processing Rack for up to 74 embedding cassettes for storage during tissue processing in laboratory microwaves, such as the EMS-9000.
                • Art.Nr: E97052-12
                  An accessory kit for processing of tissue samples in a Laboratory Microwave, such as the EMS-9000. Includes a Non-vacuum Processor Bowl, Processor Tray and a Processing Rack for 74 Embedding Cassettes.
                  • Art.Nr: E97045
                    Tissue processing in microwaves for electron microscopy often leads to inconsistent results due to the uneven distribution of microwave radiation. The heat and chemical resistant Processing Chamber MPC 9000 enables exact and consistent placement of samples for reproducible results. Lynx I and II specimen baskets are used.