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Staining Supplies

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      96-well silicone staining mats are ideal for staining TEM-Grids. They come in two different well depths, low (10-20 µl) and deep (50-150 µl). The smaller size is ideal when e.g. expensive antibody solutions are being used for immuno-labelling. Made from non-toxic silicone, the mats are washable and reusable and provide good adhesion to the lab bench. Suitable for Multi-Channel-Pipettes.

      Starting at €30.00 €35.70

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        The Staining Kit is made for heavy metal staining of biological samples on TEM-Grids and can contrast up to 20 grids at a time. This modified version of the original Hiraoka Staining Kit facilitates grid handling, saves time and reagents. Includes: Staining Tray (6), Plate Holder, Parafilm Well Holder, Staining Tray Space Insert (2), Grid Support Plate (2), Parafilm.

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          Made from poly-ceramic that maintains its structural integrity up to 200°C in any solvent while being microwaved, WINLAB racks last a lot longer than racks made from any other material and therefore save time and money.

          Starting at €98.30 €116.98

          • €175.40 €208.73
            Art.Nr: E71187

            The Grid Staining Pad was designed to facilitate sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM). TEM grids are clamped to the Grid Staining Pad and are secured during the staining procedure and further processing.

            €175.40 €208.73
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              The mPrep/g™ Grid Processing Capsules are ideal for staining, immuno-labeling and storage of TEM Grids. TEM Grids are handled securely in the mPrep/g™ capsules to improve and accelerate their processing. Each capsule can hold one or two TEM Grids and protects them from loss, damage and misidentification. Labeling System included.

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                A unique preparation tray for TEM Grid staining and/or using in a coating device or evaporator. The trays have a M4 tapped hole for inserting a pin mount or a handle for manipulation. The trays are made of medical grade aluminium and are available in two sizes.

                Starting at €215.40 €256.33

                • Starting at €36.70 €43.67

                  The Grid-Stick is a helpful device for multi grid staining. If instructions are followed the stick enables staining without precipitate and dirt. The Grid Stick is made from a thin, but rigid alloy that does not react with commonly used organic solvents or stains.

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                  • Starting at €84.10 €100.08

                    This unique staining device allows you to stain up to 25 TEM grids at one time or as little as one. The Matrix system has a simply alpha-numeric identification system

                    Starting at €84.10 €100.08

                    • €103.20 €122.81
                      Art.Nr: E71147

                      Stain, rinse and dry slides with only one working tray. The Slide Staining Tray is made of a polypropylene and polyethylene blend and is a robust and economical alternative to metal versions.

                      Reduce possible cross contamination and messy work areas.

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                      • Starting at €317.80 €378.18

                        These plates are used for convenient parallel processing of samples. They are made from PP and the bottom of each of the wells is an ETFE monofilament screening fabric with a 500µm opening. The set includes one MeshWell and one Cluster plate.

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                          For use with cover glass sizes 18 to 22 mm, accommodating up to eight back-to-back. Plastic screw caps have been tested to be resistant against most staining solutions.

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                            Our economical glazed porcelain plate is resistant to acids and alkalis. It can withstand sudden temperature changes without cracks, explosion or deformation.

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                              These spot plates have three depressions 21mm diameter x 7mm deep. The tray is 28x85mm. Made from low density polyethylene and will withstand temperatures up to 80°C.

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                              • Starting at €19.10 €22.73

                                Very similar to the white porcelain plate, this PP plate comprises 12 cavities of approximately 1ml capacity and is economically priced. This plate is very high quality, unbreakable as well as autoclavable.

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                                  A clear watch glass which measures 65mm(OD) x 50mm(ID) x 10mm(Deep). The glass is grooved and has a recessed bottom which allows for stacking and prevents scratching. It is ideal for staining and specimen preparation.

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                                  • Starting at €143.90 €171.24

                                    A 9 cavity Pyrex pressed plate which offers a clear view for observation by transmitted light. The plate measures: 4"(L) x 3 3/8"(W) (100x85mm). The cavity is ¼"(6.4mm) deep with a 7/8" (22mm) opening.

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                                      12 cavities on a white porcelain plate. Used for staining and color reactions. They measure: 4 5/8"(L) x 3½"(W) (118x90mm). Cavity depth: ¼" (6.4mm).

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                                        Porcelain Micro Spot Plate is ideal for microchemical applications. With three concave depressions. Cavities measure 7/8" O.D. x ¼" Deep (22 x 7mm). Plate overall measures 3 3/8"(L) x1 3/8"(W) (85 x 34mm)

                                        Starting at €81.00 €96.39

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                                          The holder is designed to hold securely five microscope slides. Up to 50 slides (10 holders) can be processed at one time in one staining vessel from start to finish without interruption.

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                                            A molded glass-staining dish with a fitted glass lid. Volume 500 ml. Capacity 20 slides.

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                                              Made from polypropylene, holds 10 slides, back-to-back.

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                                                StainTray™ is an ideal device for immunohistochemistry slide staining. The StainTray™ has a black base, made from tough ABS plastic, withstanding a wide range of chemicals (except chlorinated hydrocarbons).

                                                Starting at €130.60 €155.41

                                                • Starting at €53.70 €63.90

                                                  The EasyDip™ Slide Staining System has three components: a square staining jar, a 12-position vertical slide staining rack and a stainless steel holder for 6 staining jars.

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                                                  • Starting at €143.90 €171.24

                                                    Staining dish for 50 slides 75x25mm, 75x38mm or 75x51mm.

                                                    Starting at €143.90 €171.24

                                                    • Starting at €106.80 €127.09

                                                      This staining dish accommodates 16, 20 and 30 slide racks. Slides range from 75x25mm, 75x38mm, and 75x50mm.

                                                      Starting at €106.80 €127.09

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                                                        These dishes are molded from clear glass and come with a glass lid for the viewing or staining of free-floating specimens.

                                                        Starting at €20.90 €24.87

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                                                          Disposable Reagent Reservoirs for use in multi channel pipetting applications.

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                                                            Disposable Reagent Reservoirs for use in multi channel pipetting applications.

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                                                              For your convenience, the Netwell™ Sets are available ready to use. The Sets consists of: 6 Netwells of 24mm diameter or 12 Netwells of 15mm diamter. Two Reagent Trays, one black and one white. One Carrier Kit (one carrier plate and one handle).

                                                              Starting at €305.70 €363.78

                                                              • Starting at €101.30 €120.55

                                                                A Set of carrier plates and handles for moving the Netwells in and out of the 6 or 12-well plates. The handle can be attached or detached to the plate at any time.

                                                                Starting at €101.30 €120.55