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Adhesives and Mounting Waxes

    • €34.60 €41.17
      Art.Nr: E72588

      Aron Alpha (QuickBond), Type 200, is a one component, room temperature curing structural adhesive composed mainly of alpha cyanoacrylate monomer in a liquid state. When this monomer is applied in a single thin coating to the bonding surface of the material, it instantly solidifies through polymerization to produce an extra high strength, colorless bond with virtually no shrinkage.

      €34.60 €41.17
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        A dry temporary adhesive film, 0.003" thick, which can be easily cut to size with either a razor or scissor. This mount permits pre-placement of the adhesive film exactly where the user wants it. It melts at 195-210°F. After application it can be dissolved rapidly in trichloroethylene or toluene. This material is particularly useful in applications where a pre-formed adhesive film is needed to assure uniform bonding and flatness or in bonding stacks of substrates such as LCD glass slides for slicing. Sheet size 8" x 10".

        Starting at €181.80 €216.34

        • Starting at €77.40 €92.11

          Wafer-MountTM 559 temporary adhesive sheets (25,4cm x 25,4cm) are ideal for holding down silicon wafers, alumina, or glass substrates for scribing or dicing. Parts can be separated from the wafer-mount 559 film by washing in acetone or MEK

          Starting at €77.40 €92.11

          • Starting at €77.40 €92.11

            Crystalbond™ 590 offers maximum adhesion for cutting subminiature parts. Slightly flexible. Soluble in methanol or non-hazardous 590-S stripper (Art.Nr. E50402-S). Each brown stick weighs about 225 grams

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            • Starting at €51.00 €60.69

              Crystalbond™ 555 is a low melting point adhesive which is soluble in hot water. It is good for low shear processes and appears transparent in thin cross sections. Available as white rectangular sticks and also as Crystalbond™ 555-HMP with a mid-range melting point of 66°C.

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              • Starting at €67.30 €80.09

                CrystalbondTM 509 offers excellent adhesion to metals, glass, and ceramic. This material is the best for precise high purity work since it leaves no residue after dissolving and does not clog the diamond wheel as compared to conventional waxes. Available in round or rectangular bars and three colours (yellow, brown/amber or turquoise).

                Starting at €67.30 €80.09