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Aron Alpha® – Ethyl Ultra Speed Adhesive (Quick Bond), 5 pieces


Aron Alpha (QuickBond), Type 200, is a one component, room temperature curing structural adhesive composed mainly of alpha cyanoacrylate monomer in a liquid state. When this monomer is applied in a single thin coating to the bonding surface of the material, it instantly solidifies through polymerization to produce an extra high strength, colorless bond with virtually no shrinkage.

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Product Details


Aron Alpha (QuickBond) bonds almost any nonporous material except fluorocarbons. Solvents such as gasoline, propane, oil, alcohol or benzene do not affect resinified Aron Alpha. The adhesive itself contains no solvents. The Aron Alpha bond has a high tensile strength but a relatively lower shear strength. Aron Alpha is not a gap filler. Good surface contact is essential. Meets MIL-A-46050 C. Ideal for the bonding of tissues to a tissue-slicer, tissue block or to a blank block etc.

Physical Properties of Aron Alpha (QuickBond) Type 200

Before use (Liquid state)

Refractive Index, N20°C/D .1.4363
Viscosity @ 25°C (Brookfield) 2
Specific Gravity, 20°C/4°C 1.050
Boiling Point, 5 mmHg, °F 140-144
Melting Point (°F) -130
Flash Point (°F) 181
Solubility acetone, MEK, benzene, toluene,
ethylacetate, nitromethane

After use (Bonded state)

Solubility Parameter 10.72
Softening Temp. (Viscat State), (°F) 293
Melting Point (°F) 392-406
Specific Gravity, 20°C / 4°C 1.2483
Refractive Index, N20°C/D 1.4870
Electric Resistance 10 11-13
Solubility acetone, nitromethane


More Information

More Information
Mandatory sign
Tightly sealed goggles Tightly sealed goggles
Protective gloves Protective gloves
Signal word
Symbol GHS
Packing Unit 5 pieces
Refractive Index N20°C/D - .1.4363
Shipping Class
Viscosity @ 25°C (Brookfield) - 2
SDS (multilingual) E72588