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Please find here a comparative table of available conductive silver paints.

The corresponding safety datasheets for the following products can be found here.

Colloidal Compounds and Conductive Adhesives

    • Art.Nr: MN12644-02
      For the fast painting of instant conductive silver traces, e.g. on REM-samples or circuit boards. Dries in 20-30 minutes at room temperature. The conductive silver ink contains 39-45% silver particles ( approx. 10 microns). The thinner that is used for this pen is Butyl Acetate..
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        Conductive Silver AG15 shielding lacquer is designed to provide electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It replaces all discontinued shielding coatings that had contained silver-plated copper and is compatible with plastics commonly used for electronic equipment enclosures. Further it is widely used as conductive lacquer in electron microscopy.

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        • Art.Nr: MN12642-14
          A two component conductive silver epoxy kit that is fast-curing within 15 minutes at 65°C. Sufficient conductivity and mechanical properties for non-critical applications.
          • Starting at €17.90 €21.30

            Silver Conductive Adhesive 478SS is a conductive, silver-based polymer which is used for thick film coatings where liquid silver is not recommended. It offers a very high Tg (glass transition temperature) of 67°C to prevent blocking and offers superior adhesion to polyester film. Adhesive 478SS can be cured at 93°C within 15 minutes.

            Starting at €17.90 €21.30

            • Art.Nr: E12686-15
              Silver Conductive Adhesive 503 is liquid, fast drying, high temperature conductive material based on methyl isobuthyl ketone. It is developed for a brought range of different applications, stays flexible and adheres to most substrates.
              • €101.70 €121.02
                Art.Nr: E12684-15
                The acrylic Silver Conductive 18DB70X is a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) coating suitable for EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and RFI (Radiofrequency Interference) shielding protection. It is a direct substitute for the discontinued Silver Conductive Fluid 416.
                €101.70 €121.02
                • Starting at €20.00 €23.80

                  Colloidal Silver Paste is a lacquer based clear, highly viscose conductive formulation. It is ideal for applications where a non-flowing conductive substance is required. The Silver Paste has an average grain size of less than 1 µm and a silver content of 60%. Easily applied with a micro spatula or wooden toothpick.

                  Starting at €20.00 €23.80

                  • Starting at €20.00 €23.80

                    Colloidal Silver Liquid is a fast air-drying formulation on basis of 1-Methoxy-2-propanol used to convert a variety of electrically and thermally non-conductive surfaces to conductive surfaces for many applications. The Silver Liquid has an average grain size of less than 1 µm and a silver content of 60%. A brush attached to the cap is included.

                    Starting at €20.00 €23.80

                  In our portfolio you find a variety of conductive liquids and adhesives, such as colloidal compounds from silver, gold or carbon. The available viscosities are from liquid to paste-like, dependent on the colloidal compounds and the base medium used. Depending on your application you may choose from more or less fast curing conductive adhesives in many forms (one/two components, paint- or spray-able, pens with different tips) and their thinners.

                  In case you have any questions regarding our conductive paints and colloidal compounds or you can´t find a product please do not hesitate to contact us: info@scienceservices.de

                  A comparative table of available conductive silver paints you find here.