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Diamond Scribers

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      Starting at

      For small samples & up to 200mm wafers

      The FlexScribe Station is a fast and simple scribing workstation for dicing, downsizing, extracting and cross-sectioning of silicon wafers and other crystalline materials such as glass or sapphire. A carbide scribing wheel is mounted to a sliding scribing mechanism that guarantees straight scribes. It is suitable for various substrates from 5mm up to 200mm.

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        Price on request

        Starting at

        Price on request

        The FlipScribe is a manual scribing tool for backside scribing of substrates (e.g. wafer) and allows viewing of the substrate front side for accurate adjustment of the scribing position. It is a compact, stable and precise tool for fast scribing and cleaving and is suitable for a variety of materials: e.g. Si, sapphire, GaN, glass, SiC. The maximum substrate size is a 4 inch / 100mm wafer.

        • The Wafer Cleaving Kit XL contains all components of the Wafer Cleaving Kit Standard (E7642) and in addition the Lattice Scriber with a premium quality diamond tip and a pair of small sample cleaving pliers.

          • Starting at €391.20 €465.53

            Starting at €391.20 €465.53

            A complete set of tools for clean cleaving of wafers into strips and small pieces. With this set good cut cross-sections are achieved. The Wafer Cleaving Kit Standard consists of three diamond scribers, tweezers, a small and large (optional) cutting mat and a pair of pliers.

            • €156.20 €185.88
              €156.20 €185.88
              The basic tools for wafer scribing. The Marker-Scriber Kit includes three diamond scribers for placing fine marks and scribing the wafer surface. These diamond scribers are also the replacements for those in the Wafer Cleaving Kit and XL (E7642, E7648).
              • €81.50 €96.99
                €81.50 €96.99
                The CleanBreak 6” wafer pliers are a simple and clean way to cleave (post scribe) wafers, wafer strips and smaller pieces. They have a jaw opening of ¾" (1.9 cm). The CleanBreak pliers come with a set of replaceable jaws to maintain the best cleaving performance.
                • €63.60 €75.68
                  €63.60 €75.68
                  The Small Sample Cleaving Pliers cleave samples into pieces from 1 - 30mm. Nylon jaws prevent sample damage and the included scribe alignment indicators increase the accuracy of cleaving. The double leaf spring at the fulcrum and plastic covered stainless-steel handles ensure easy handling and a comfortable grip.
                  • Starting at €37.50 €44.63

                    Starting at €37.50 €44.63

                    High-precision, lightweight and versatile pin vise handle for diamond scribers and styli made of high quality gold-anodized aluminum. The hexagonal handle is 8mm wide and 100mm long (total length with clamp: 115mm). The serrated part of the handle supports a non-slip and safe handling of this precision tool.

                    With the standard collet chuck a selection of diamond scribing pins up to 2mm width can be clamped. A collet adapter allows clamping of thinner pins (up to 0.8mm).

                    • €262.40 €312.26
                      €262.40 €312.26
                      This is the best scriber you'll ever find for scribing semiconductor wafers. This custom scriber has an eight point truncated diamond tip that can be used for both toe and heel scribing held by robust 4" long pin vise handle.
                      • €51.60 €61.40
                        €51.60 €61.40
                        The Glascribe® Pen, with retractable tungsten carbide tip, lets you inscribe on glass, ceramics, and plastic. The pen has a pocket clip, so it is always handy when needed.