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Scalpels & Blades

    • €84.90 €101.03
      €84.90 €101.03
      Art.Nr: MI109207

      The robust MS24 microtome blade is particularly well suited for hard tissue and cryostat sections, but also for soft tissue and bone biopsies. Excellent longevity paired with sharpness. Also suitable for difficult tissue such as uterine and colon sections. Very good results also with animal preparations. Excellent references for cryostats. Angle 35°, teflon-coated.


      • €1,650.00 €1,963.50
        €1,650.00 €1,963.50
        Art.Nr: BIDP3

        The sample punch is suitable for punching out 3mm samples. This precision punch enables sample discs to be cut out with thicknesses between 10µm and 200µm. The samples are placed in a small collection basket by the ejection plunger. Structural changes in the central area of the sample are prevented by the concave stamp.

        • €84.90 €101.03
          €84.90 €101.03
          Art.Nr: MI109212

          The MS300 for microtomy has a very sharp blade, especially recommended for cutting bone tissue. Also perfect for all other tissue types as well as for ribbon sectioning. Angle: 35°


          • Specially selected glass strips for breaking glass knives with knife makers. The LKB glass hardness produces a durable and sharp edge suitable for thick, semi thin, or ultrathin sections. Available with 6.4 and 8mm thickness.

            *** This glass is original from LKB stock. Very good glass quality, but the packaging is obviously old. ***

            • €84.90 €101.03
              €84.90 €101.03
              Art.Nr: MI109206

              Blade for applications where extremely thin, high-quality sections are required. Suitable also for skin biopsy. Short trimming time and increased durability. With an angle of 30°.

              • €84.90 €101.03
                €84.90 €101.03
                Art.Nr: MI109210

                Robust universal blade designed for daily routine, with excellent sharpness and durability. All-purpose, even for difficult tissue. Teflon coated, giving this blade an excellent durability. With an angle of 35°. Also suitable for cryostat cuttings.

                • €84.90 €101.03
                  €84.90 €101.03
                  Art.Nr: MI109211

                  Universal blade with plasma coating for daily routine, suitable for all types of tissue. Especially suitable for ribbon sectioning, excellent sharpness, even with very thin cuts. All-rounder with unique hardened blade cutting edge, excellent durability. With an angle of 35°.

                  • €743.10 €884.29
                    €743.10 €884.29
                    Art.Nr: E71019-10
                    These knives successfully replace glass knives and razor blades in routine histology and applications such as block facing, trimming blocks or sectioning hard samples. Tungsten carbide knives fit in the glass knife holders of most (ultra-) microtomes. For section thickness from 2µm to 15µm.
                    • Starting at €305.90 €364.02

                      Starting at €305.90 €364.02

                      Reusable boats are made from anodized aluminum for wet-cutting with glass knives for semi- and ultra-thin sectioning. A set screw allows attachment to the glass knife. The area where the glass knife will be attached, is cut to fit to the width of the knife and is cushioned by silicone rubber to ensure a tight seal and no leakage.
                      • Starting at €21.50 €25.59

                        Starting at €21.50 €25.59

                        Disposable plastic boats for wet-cutting with glass knives for semi- and ultra-thin sectioning. The boats can easily be slipped on glass knives. Hot melted wax or nail polish can be used to seal the boat on the glass knife.