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Bovine Serum Albumin BSA, Fraction V, 25g


AURION BSA is made from healthy livestock. BSA is one ingredient for the production of blocking solutions for antibody labelling, e.g. immunogold labelling. In powder form.

Product Details


Bovine Serum Albumin BSA


  • specially selected compounds
  • for immunohisto and -cytochemistry
  • for immunogold detection systems
  • enzyme based detection systems
  • fluorescent detection systems
  • for EM and LM specimens
  • for bio assays

Product Description
Aurion’s Bovine Serum Albumin is obtained from healthy livestock. BSA should be dissolved in an appropriate buffer, such as phosphate buffered saline, taking care not to denature the protein by foaming. The addition of BSA may cause a drop in pH of the final solution and correction may be required. As a preservative the use of NaN­3 or Kathon CG is recommended.
  • Albumin, Fraction V
  • Lyophilisate from bovine serum
  • Protein concentration > 95%
  • Electrophoretically homogeneous
  • MW: 68KDa, pH 5.2 ± 0.2


AURION BSA have a guaranteed shelf life of 12 months from the date of quality control analysis.
The products should be stored at 4-8°C.
Freezing is not recommended.

More Information

More Information
Packing Unit 25g
Shipping Class
Reefer Cargo
Storage Temperature
SDS (multilingual) AU25498

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