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CoverWell™ Perfusion Chamber, 8 round Chambers, 150µl, Depth 2,5mm


"Press-to-Seal" covers form water-tight, multiwall cell incubation or cytochemistry chamber when pressed to coverslips or microscope slides. Reagents can be quickly added and removed through dual access ports (1.5mm Dia) without disturbing or cross-contaminating specimens in adjacent wells.
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Product Details


CoverWell™ Imaging chambers are designed to stabilize and support thick and free-floating specimens for confocal microscopy and imaging applications.

Reusable press-to-seal silicone chamber forms removable enclosure for repeat staining or specimen repositioning. Polycarbonate CoverSlip thickness is 0.18 mm.

Instructions for Using CoverWell™ Imaging Chamber

Peel off protective liner on gasket surface and place the CoverWell on a flat dry surface GASKET SIDE UP. Aliquot a small amount of mounting medium onto the chamber surface. Place specimen into the medium and fill the remaining chamber area with additional medium.

Place a microscope slide or coverslip above the chamber surface. Lower to make contact with gasket.

Press gently but firmly on the GLASS to seal.

CoverWells are Intended for Laboratory Use Only

User Protocols Cleaning Instructions:

We recommend rinsing chambers with distilled water immediately after each use followed by a brief, 5 minute soak in a solution of cell culture grade detergent, followed by repeated rinsing with diH2O. Do not use bleach as the silicone may absorb this solution.

After air-drying, chambers should be stored at room temperature.

Just before use, remove particulates from the chamber surface using scotch tap

More Information

More Information
Chambers Diameter 9mm
Form of Chambers
Chambers Height 2,5mm
Chambers Material Silicone
Number of Chambers
Chambers Volume 150µl
Dimensions 26x51mm
Packing Unit 10 pieces