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Covid-19 - We are there for you!

Dear customers and partners,

health and safety of our employees, business partners and society is our priority.

In the current situation and with chaning legal requirements, we do our best to maintain business operations and logistics. To protect our team and our business partners we have reduced the number of employees in our offices to a minimum, most of our team works from home these days.

Therefore we have following restrictions:

  • Lower capacities for receiving telephone calls
    We would therefore ask you to send your concerns via e-mail to info@scienceservices.de. For urgent request please write us your contact data with phone no. and tell us when we can reach you, we will come back to you!


  • Longer processing times for orders and quotes
    Please inform us of any possible urgency of your request.


  • Restrictions in the execution of servicing and maintenance of devices


  • Goods shipments within Germany:
    According to the current status, parcels can be delivered without any restrictions.


  • Goods shipments abroad:
    Due to border closures, there may be restrictions/delays in the transport of goods. We might not ship temperature-sensitive goods abroad. We are closely monitoring the situation and are in contact with our shipping service providers, which are currently mainly UPS and FedEx.


  • Goods receipts:
    We are in contact with our business partners worldwide and will inform you about restrictions in the ability to deliver. At the moment we are not aware of major restrictions.


  • Delivery of goods
    Please inform us immediately if you are currently unable to accept goods! If the goods acceptance in your institute is temporarily not possible due to the Covid-19 situation, please inform us immediately, after receipt of the order confirmation. If changes happen after that please inform us immediately.

    Please understand that in the case of avoidable returns, the costs incurred will be passed on to you. Please help to avoid additional effort!

  • Visit at Scienc Services
    We would like to prepare with you your visit at Science Services according to the recommendations and safety measures that apply in times of COVID-19 pandemic. Note that our office is currently functioning in a safe operation mode.

    We appreciate if you could read very carefully the email below and reply to the questions asked by adding the email address in cc.
    Do the listed points below apply to you?

    • You have entered Germany in the last 14 days,
    • You have had closer contact with a person with proven COVID-19 disease (e.g. direct work colleague, living in the same household),
    • You show flu-like symptoms (e.g. fever, breathing problems),
    • There has been a confirmed COVID-19 case in your company or at a location where you have been working for the last 14 days.

    Please note that we can confirm your visit only after you have answered these questions.

    Once your visit is confirmed by email, you will be granted access to the building of Science Services (Unterhachinger Str. 75, 81737 München) only in the presence of the Host on-site.

    The day of your visit, you will be asked to complete and sign a form recording your visit.

    We also ask you to wear a mask at all time during your visit. A mask will be provided to you by your Host upon your arrival. If you are provided with masks from your company, we would appreciate if you can use one of your own masks.

    All of your contact persons at Science Services will also wear a mask to provide better protection for you.

    Following your visit at Science Services, i) if you receive information about a confirmed COVID-19 case in your company or at a place where you have worked 14 days prior to visiting Science Services or ii) if you or a person with whom you live in a household tested positive 14 days after your visit at Science Services, please inform Science Services immediately (send an email to ).

    Should a confirmed COVID-19 case at Science Services occur 14 days before/after your visit at Science Services, Science Services will inform you immediately.

Useful recommendations for the hygienic operation of multi-user imaging facilities can be found here on the website of the German BioImaging Society: https://www.gerbi-gmb.de/Corona

The Science Services team wishes you all the best.

Stay healthy!