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DuraSeal™, Dispenser, each


DuraSeal™, Dispender for E70994-01 - E70994-06
€25.50 €30.35

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Heat-Resistant And Microwave Compatible - Withstands temperatures up to 100ºC (boiling water). Chemically Resistant - Resists essentially all solvents and caustic agents. Tear Resistant - Film can stretch 500-800% before breaking or tearing. Clings - Film can cling to itself following stretching. Tight Sealing - Forms an airtight barrier Permeability Information: Oxygen: 125cc/100in2/24 hrs at 23°C. Carbon Dioxide: 1300cc/100in2/24 hrs at 23°C. Water Vapor: 1.0g/100in2/24 hrs at 38°C and 90% R.H.

More Information

More Information
Dimensions 12,7cmcmx45,75m
Packing Unit each