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Fuchs-Rosenthal Counting Chamber, each


Designed for counting leukocytes, eosinophils and cells in cerebrospinal fluid. Grid pattern is etched directly onto the glass surface. The chamber is 0,2mm deep

Ordering: Chamber set includes: one chamber and 2 octagonal cover glasses.

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Diluting fluid for counting cells in Cerebro-Spinal Fluid:

Crystal or Methyl Violet 0,2 gm
Glacial Acetic Acid 10 cc
Distilled Water 90 cc


Collect about five CC. of spinal fluid in a sterile test tube containing a trace of Potassium Oxalate to prevent coagulation. The specimen should contain no visible trace of blood. Fill the capillary of a 1:10 pipette to the graduation with the diluting fluid and then draw the spinal fluid to the graduation above the bulb. Shake the pipette and charge the chamber as with blood corpuscle counting technique. Allow several minutes for settling.

The chambers are ruled with the Fuchs-Rosenthal pattern. This consists of 16 one square millimeter areas orientated by triple lines, and each such area sub-divided into 16 squares. It is generally recommended to count 16 one square millimeter areas preferably 8 in each chamber.

Fuchs-Rosenthal Ruling

                                                 Fuchs-Rosenthal Ruling

Calculating Formula if 16 one square millimeter areas were counted:

Number of cells counted X 10/9 = Cells per CMM

Note: For convenient calculation divide the cells counted by 3 instead of 3,2 and disregard the 10/9 dilution. The two fractions will compensate each other so that the remaining error will be negligible. If the entire ruled area of both cells was counted, divide the results of the above formula by two to obtain the cells per CMM.

After completing the count, remove the cover glass and clean the counting chamber with water or a mild cleaning solution (10% solution of bleach). Dry the counting chamber with a soft cloth or wipe, or rinse with acetone.


Counting Chambers from Hausser


Counting Chambers from Hausserbuerker

These chambers are the finest quality, optically ground, and polished milled glass chambers available. The chamber is diamond etched and has a double improved Neubauer Ruling, which has a worldwide reputation in hospitals and laboratories for unmatched reliability, meeting the most demanding of standards. The standard Hausser blood counting chambers are one piece construction (measuring 75mmx32mmx4.5mm) ensuring long term durability and absolute accuracy in measurement and count.

We offer both the standard (incline) and the new “V-Load” counting hambers for different charging methods. The tolerances are ( 2% of the volume). Cell Depth: 0,100 mm ( +/-2%); Volume: 0,1 Microliter Ruling; Pattern: Improved Neubauer, 1/400 Square mm Rulings cover 9 square millimeters. Boundary lines of the Neubauer rulings are the center lines of the groups of three. (These are indicated in the illustration ). The central square millimeter is ruled into 25 groups of 16 small squares, each group separated by triple lines, the middle one of which is the boundary. The ruled surface is 0,10 mm below the cover glass, so that the volume over each of 16

Made to Last
In addition to the standard ruling patterns which are etched permanently onto the polished surface, we offer the popular “Bright-Line” counting chamber. This bright-line counting chamber allows the ruling to appear brightly illuminated providing sharp contrast to the bright lines and cells, helping the user with accurate counts and less eyestrain. The triple lines show clearly which cells lie within the counting area and eliminate guesswork.We guarantee that all marks are permanent, and can not be removed even after repeated washings.

Other Chambers and Accessories

In addition to the blood counting chambers, we also offer a variety of other counting chambers and accessories which compliment our discipline.

  • The Phase Hemacytometer: used for phase microscopy; it is a one piece brightlined hemacytometer with a reduced thickness.
  • The Petroff Hausser Counting Chamber: used for bacteria counting.
  • The Sperm Counting Chambers: used primarily in fertility testing; it is offered in a series of depths (10, 20, 40 microns).
  • The Howard Mold Counter and the Sedgewick Rafter Counting Chamber are also available as well as a series of hemacytometer and counting chamber cover glasses.

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More Information
Chamber Depth 0,2mm
Hemoglobin and Leucocyte Counts
Counting Chamber
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dark lines
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