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ioLight - Portable Digital Inverted Microscope, 400x, 1mm field of view, 1µm high resolution


The new inverted ioLight microscope enables life imaging and its use inside incubators in biological labs. The sealed case is resistant to the damp CO2 atmospheres and researchers can monitor their experiments without opening the door. Well applicable for organoids and spheroids.

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Product Details


Viewing transparent samples from below in a Petri dish, flask, well plate or cavity slide. The microscope is compact and can be put inside most incubators to view experiments without opening the door. Time-lapse images can be saved and viewed remotely.

Ideal for use as a Bench Microscope in teaching applications.


Live Cell Imaging on a budget an interesting post using the ioLight by Richard Williams.



Magnification 400x
Field of view approx. 1mm, resolution 1µm
Sample container Petri dish, flask, well plate or cavity side with clear transparent base and lid.
Maximum focal length 6mm stage to sample
Maximum sample (flask) height 50mm (Taller flasks to order)
Illumination Top and bottom, adjustable
Top (trans) illumination modes: Brightfield; Low NA brightfield; High
contrast brightfield; Darkfield and Digital phase contrast.
Display Smartphone, tablet or computer. No WiFi infrastructure or router is required.
Image sharing Images and videos are stored on the display device for easy sharing.
Images can be viewed remotely in Google Photos or any image sharing software.
Time-Lapse images can be recorded on Android devices
ioLight App Free for download from the Apple® or Google Play® app store
Built-in web server available from any computer with Chrome and other browsers
Image format 5MP (2592 x 1944 pixels); colour JPG.
BMP and PNG available on the web browser
Video format MPEG-4; colour; up to 1296 x 972; 10 fps
Time-Lapse App for Android device enables Time-Lapse image sequences (Time-Lapse)
Dimensions 210mm deep x 140mm wide x 132mm tall
Weight 1,8kg
Power supply Integrated Li-ion rechargeable battery with USB charger (supplied)
The power cable is sealed into the housing to prevent the atmosphere from entering the microscope and can be extended if required.


Either a tablet or phone running iOS 8.1 or higher or Android® 4.4 or higher, or a computer with WiFi and Google Chrome (or another web browser)
We recommend newer, faster devices. Older low-performance devices may run the app, but this is not guaranteed

What’s in the box?
Your ioLight Magnificent Mobile Microscope
USB charger, international model
Users’ guide and certificate of conformity

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More Information
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