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L100, Slit Aperture for electron microscopes, 100x2000µm


Material: Cu, Rectangular Slit: 100x2000µm, Dimensions: 16mm / 3mm (Foil), Thickness: 0,025mm
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Mounted Slits - L Serie

Spectrophotometer entrance and exit slits. Imaging and alignment applications suitable for complete UV - IR frequency range.

Manufactured by a process that produces ultra high edge definition, shape and size. The metal profile is such that the minimun dimension of the aperture is within a micron of one face.

Aperture sizes are measured at up to 1000x magnification and the tolerance below apply to the width throughout the length.

Each slit is centered in a copper foil disc, 15-25 microns thick, mounted in a recessed hole in an anodised aluminium holder.

Range               Tolerance

26 - 100µm      +/-0,5µm

More Information

More Information
Slit Apertures
Dimensions 16mm / 3mm (Foil)
Foil Thickness 15-25µm
Packing Unit each
Graticules Optics

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