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LINKAM Temperature Control Stages for Microscopy and Spectroscopy


Linkam stages are temperature control systems for microscopy and spectroscopy. Depending on the model, the stages allow cooling and heating as required in vacuum of samples in a temperature range from -195° to 1500°C. Linkam stages can be combined with e.g. ZEISS microscopes and controlled with the ZEN Core software.

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LINKAM - Temperature Control Stages for Microscopy and Spectroscopy

Linkam stages provide temperature and environmental control systems from < -195 °C up to 1500°C, with options for:

  • humidity control
  • gas purging
  • quench cooling
  • vacuum chambers
  • electrical measurements
  • mechanical testing
  • and more


Linkam has developed a range of sample characterisation systems to suit your needs. Whether you need to cool your sample to cryo temperatures, heat it up to 1500°C or put it under vacuum or high pressure, they have a system for you.

Understanding and characterising the thermal properties of your sample is essential in a variety of applications:

  • Semiconductors and Electrical Applications
    Many applications require the measurement of electrical parameters whilst making microscopic or spectroscopic observations. Linkam has been creating sample characterisation solutions for the microelectronics and semiconductor fields for many years.


  • Food Science Applications
    Linkam has developed a range of temperature control chambers for testing and visualising the micro-structure of foods. In addition to temperature, the environment around the sample can also be accurately controlled with options for gas purging, humidity, and vacuum control.


  • Pharmaceutical Applications
    Linkam has long worked with the pharmaceutical industry to develop solutions for some of the key problems from drug development and formulation to manufacturing, QA, packaging, and storage. They have solutions for lyophilisation, thermoanalysis, dissolution studies, shelf-life testing and many more.


  • Materials and Metallurgy Applications
    New materials are being developed, for example, to replace or support human body parts, such as artificial hips and corneas. It is essential that the physical properties of these materials are well characterised, and any failure modes well understood.


  • Geological Applications
    From fluid inclusions and minerals to volcanic rock, Linkam stages have been used to characterise a wide range of different sample types.


  • Plastics and Polymer Applications
    Plastic and polymers are used in every aspect of our lives. As their properties are so rich and diverse, it is essential to characterise and understand their behaviours under different environmental conditions.


  • Life Science Applications
    Linkam has designed a range of sample characterisation chambers to control the temperature and environment around your samples from Cryopreservation to CLEM at < -195°C to the study of Archae at high temperatures and pressures. A humidity controller can be added to some closed chamber systems with control from 5% to 90% RH.

Linkam systems are compatible with light microscopy and spectroscopy techniques including Raman, FT-IR and X-ray.


Examples of stages

Temperature and environmental control from < -195°C to 600°C with XY sample manipulators


The THMS600 is one of the most widely used heating and freezing microscope stages available and is used in a range of applications where high heating/freezing rates and 0.01°C accuracy and stability are required. The THMS600 has a temperature range of < -195°C to 600°C. Samples are quickly characterised by heating to within a few degrees of the required temperature at a rate of up to 150°C/min with minimal overshoot, then slowed down to a few tenths of a degree per minute to closely examine sample changes.


Temperature and environmental control from < -195°C to 420°C


The LTS420 hot-stage has been optimised for isothermal analysis of larger samples where high-speed heating and cooling and excellent thermal stability are required. The LTS420 is an easy to use and very versatile heating and freezing stage. The stage consists of a large area temperature-controlled element with a sensor embedded close to the surface for accurate temperature measurements in the range of < -195°C to 420°C (when used with LNP96 cooling pump).


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