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Ultramicrotomy Workshop in Munich

we would like to take this opportunity to thank for the successful participation and for the very pleasant atmosphere at the first workshop on the subject of ultramicrotomy in our company.

We hope that we have discussed all relevant topics while those two days with lectures, hands-on demos and individual discussions and looking forward to the next workshop.

Munich, 24.09.2020



We have been informed in the short term by the manufacturer that the formulation of the Super PAP Pen will change from now on. The new formulation should have better water-repellent properties and be better removed with xylene. In addition, the ingredients have been replaced by less volatile and harmful substances. Delivery possible from the beginning of August.

Munich, 21.07.2020


Histo-Partner is now Science Services

As part of an internal changeover, the Histo-Partner business part will migrate seamlessly to the core company Science Services GmbH.

The team for topics related to light microscopy is now available at LM@scienceservices.de.

Munich, 21.07.2020


Covid-19 We still there for you!

Taking into account the current situation and the legal requirements, we try to maintain business operations and the ability to deliver our products. Protecting the health of our employees and customers is our highest priority. For this purpose we have reduced the number of employees in our offices to a minimum, most of our employees work from home these days. (Quelle Foto: RKI)



Science Services Ultra-Cryo Workshop at the Charité, Berlin

At this year´s Ultra-Cryo Workshop in Berlin from 17th until 19th of July, we met scientists from all over Germany. Using a complete RMC Boeckler Cryo-Ultra-Microtome system, we demonstrated and practised ultra-cryo techniques in several sessions.

During two successful days at the Charité participants were able to gain plenty of hands-on experience as well as tips n tricks for obtaining perfect sections.

We would like to thank all participants and partners and wish you good luck for your Ultra-Cryo work!

Munich, 26.07.2019


URANYL ACETATE available in Germany without handling licence!

The new Radiation Protection Ordinance valid from Dez. 31st 2018 allows the handling of uranyl compounds from depleted uranium without authorization for chemical-analytical and chemical-preparative purposes up to a uranium quantity of 30g. This regulation applies exclusively in Germany! If you have questions about the new legal situation, our radiation protection officer will be pleased to advise you.

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Munich, 12.02.2019