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Passive Anti-Vibration Platform


The Klughammer passive Anti-Vibration Platform features a sturdy coated steel plate and specifically designed anti-vibration bearings that damp vibrations into all three spatial directions. The vibration dampening plate is ready for use, an electrical or gas connection is not required.

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The passive anti-vibration platform features a sturdy coated steel plate and three or four anti-vibration bearings. The plate can be adjusted to the form of the system that needs to be isolated.
The vibration dampening bearings are being developed and manufactured by Klughammer in Germany. They damp vibrations passively in all three spatial directions.

The number of bearings depends on the form of the plate and the weight that needs to be carried. They are selected according to the weight in question, whereby each bearing can carry 5-60 kilograms.
The Anti-vibration platforms are compact, easy to use and are extremely steady. They are customized to fit the system that needs to be isolated and its weight distribution. The platforms work without electricity or compressed air, mere mechanically and are maintenance-free!
Therefore, in many cases, more expensive and complex systems are not neccessary.

Vibration dampening
at 10Hz 85%
from 100 Hz 90-95%

Loading capacity

For the dampening of e.g., Nikon, Leica, Mitutoyo , Olympus or Zeiss microscopes, custom-fit plates can be manufactured. For all other vibration-sensitive systems, rectangular plates in many sizes are available. Rectangular plates allow for the mounting of further devices and buildups to the anti-vibration baseplate.

Please contact us for your specific custom configuration. Please use the inquiry form below or send your email to Tech@ScienceServices.de.

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