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RMC Boeckeler update

discontinuation of service and parts for old models

We have been informed by RMC Boeckeler that due to lack of availability of parts the following models of instruments have reached end of life and will no longer be supported.

We at Science Services will do our best to help you run your system as long as possible. But we cannot guarantee the availability of parts or if they are repairable.


RMC Boeckeler no longer services or sells parts for:

MT5000 MT6000 MT7000 MT2 MT2B MT2C MT7 MTX MTXL

We will service CRX cryo attachments that are on ultramicrotomes and not aged 10 years or older. However, due to difficulties in getting some parts, and depending on the service issue, we may have to send back a CRX part to RMC Boeckeler, Tucson, US for factory repair, instead of getting a new part.


Final Year Service for 10 years and Older Ultramicrotomes

Please be informed that this will be the final year RMC Boeckeler will be servicing and selling parts for systems that are aged 10 years or older - this is when they'll consider a system obsolete. We hope you understand it gets increasingly difficult to procure parts for and maintain performance of older systems.

Please get in touch with our Tech-Team if your system needs a final check-up or in case you need a quote to start budgeting for a new one.