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NIGHTSEA Fluorescence Adapter for Dino-Lite

    • Starting at €775.90 €923.32

      Add-on for NIGHTSEA™ fluorescence adapter for Dino-Lite digital microscopes consisting of LED light source, emission filter ring and filter goggles with color coding for easy differentiation of the filter sets. Available for different wavelengths.

      Starting at €775.90 €923.32

      • Starting at €1,952.00 €2,322.88

        The NIGHTSEA™ Fluorescence Adapter enables fluorescence imaging with the Dino-Lite® digital microscope series.

        The modular design allows easy switching between excitation/emission wavelengths. The broad excitation spectrum gives a wide range of applications from biology to geology and material research.

        For large working distances, the Nightsea adapter is also recommended for Dino-Lite fluorescence models to optimize fluorescence excitation.

        Starting at €1,952.00 €2,322.88