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NIGHTSEA Fluorescence Flashlights

    • Starting at €599.70 €713.64

      The Xite™ Fluorescent Flashlight System is a single-wavelength fluorescence flashlight for lab or field work e.g. genotyping, screening or material inspections. It is available in five excitation wavelengths (UV to green) common for NIGHTSEA systems and provided with matching emission filter glasses for maximum viewing contrast.

      Starting at €599.70 €713.64


    NIGHTSEATM further developed portable battery-operated Fluorescence flashlights that are available with one or two wavelengths. The flashlights are suitable for fluorescence screenings in labs, animal facilities or even in the open field.


    The smaller BlueStarTM flashlight with single wavelength for GFP excitation is equipped with a 1W LED 440-460nm, the advanced Dual wavelength model operates with powerful 3W high intensity LEDs and is available for 5 wavelengths.