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Accessories - Vibrating Microtomes

    • Art.Nr: E5100-1-45
      Optional kit to upgrade the 5100mz to the 5100mz-Plus. Allowing the user to optimately calibrate the Z-axis deflection of the blade to 2± 0,1µm.
      • Art.Nr: E7000-2-1
        To facilitate the careful slicing operation, it is important that the progress of the blade through the tissue is clearly observed. This observation is used to ensure control of the speed of advance and of the oscillation of the blade. Two elements are required for clear observation, light and magnification.
        • Art.Nr: E7000-1-3
          For general global slices, a magnifying glass offering approx 2x magnification is sufficient. However, if specific loci are under study then an inspection microscope is desirable. The binocular inspection microscope with 10x-40x magnification, a zoom of 1x-4x and a working distance of 80mm is ideal for the task.
          • €723.60 €861.08
            Art.Nr: E7550-1-C
            Made from ultra hard zirconium. Honed by a process of „lapping“ both sides of the single bevel to micron flatness. Great rigidity, hence a straight cutting edge.
            €723.60 €861.08