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Vibrating Microtomes

    • Art.Nr: E7000smz-2

      The 7000smz-2 is a high precision vibrating microtome and provides finest tissue slicing for preparations for visual patch clamping or high-resolution imaging. With a Z-axis deflection of less than 1µm across a wide range of vibration speeds and amplitudes, the tissue slicer delivers healthy viable sections of all biological tissues. The 7000smz-2 represents an advanced high precision microtome and is supplied with its own Z-axis calibration verifier.

      • Art.Nr: E5100MZ

        The 5100mz is a very competitively priced, high precision, vibrating microtome which shares many features with the top of the range 7000smz series, such as the vibrating mechanism, the inner and outer tissue baths and the easy to use control system.

        This new entry level microtome is perfect for techniques such as histology, organotype slice culture and low-resolution imaging with a fixed blade holder and a mechanism Z-axis error rate of 5-8µm.

        • Art.Nr: E5100MZ-Plus

          The 5100-Plus is perfect for those who need to keep slices viable for longer, e.g. for electrophysiological field recordings. The user can calibrate the Z-axis deflection of the blade to 2µm with the adjustable blade holder and "optical" calibration device. Minimal Z-axis deflection reduces the "chatter" and minimizes damage to the slice surface, leading to greater viability of the cells on the slice surface.