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  • Tech Notes: DEPEX - Is An Improved Mounting Medium

DEPEX (#E13514) Is An Improved Mounting Medium

Most mounting media cause fading of histological preparations over time. A study was conducted to find the most suitable mounting media that would not fade. The study indicated that Depex as a Mounting Media appeared to have a conserving effect on the stain as compared to other available mounting media. The study was based on Araldite embedded semithin sections of rabbit cerebral cortex stained with Toluidine Blue and Pyronin G. The study also showed that the average optical density of sections prepared with Depex after one year was higher than the sections treated with other mounting techniques.


Reference: Cordula Schmolke (1993). Effects of Mounting Media on Fading of Toluidine Blue and Pyronin G Staining in Epoxy Sections. Biotech.& Histochem. 68/3, pg.132-136