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Embede812 - an Epon-812 Replacement

The Search for the Epon-812 Replacement

Since the discontinuation by Shell of Epon 812 many replacements have been introduced. Many of these replacements have shown much closer characteristics to the original than others. For an in depth study of the work that has been done regarding many of the replacements for the original Epon 812 we highly recommend the following publications:

Mascorro, J.A. and Kirby, G.S. Physical Characteristics of“Old” Epon 812 and Various Epon Like Replacements”. Proc. 44th Ann. Meet. EMSA., pp. 222-223 (1986)

Mascorro, J.A. and Kirby G.S. Novel/ Epoxy/Anhydride Alternatives for Biological Electron Microscopy: Physical and Performance Characteristics of Embed 812 and LX112 in Combination with NSA/NMA/DMAE. Proc. 47th Ann. Meet. EMSA., pp.1000-1001(1989)

Mascorro, J.A. and Kirby G.S. Viscosity Characteristics and Hardening Rates For Embed 812 and LX112 With Alternative Anhydride and Catalyst Choices. Proc. 49th Ann. Meet. EMSA., (1991)