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Epoxy Resins: Problems, Causes, and Solutions

Problems associated with poor embedding in epoxy resins:

  • Blocks are difficult to section
  • Sections may disintegrate upon contact with water or the electron beam
  • Holes in the sections
  • Unevenly cured blocks
  • Blocks are either too soft or too hard


Factors that cause poor embedding in epoxy resins:

  • The presence of water in absolute dehydration solvents and in the ingredients of the embedding mixture


Solutions to the causes:

  • Use either fresh or well capped bottles of dehydration solvents.
  • Embedding should be carried out at relative humidities below 50%. Dellman, H.D. and Pearson, C.B. (1977).“Better epoxy resin embedding for electron microscopy at a low relative humidity”. Stain Technol., 52:5
  • Since epoxy resin is hygroscopic, extreme care should be taken to prevent contamination by water.
  • Accurate measurement of accelerators.
  • Complete mixing without incurring air into the mixture (Use a "PTFE" or glass rod for at least 20 minutes).