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Flattening Semithin Sections

An Improved Technique for Flattening Semithin Sections of Epoxy-Embedded Tissues Used for High-Resolution Light Microscopy

A stock solution (saturated sodium ethoxide in absolute ethanol) is stored in a dark, closed bottle, and is diluted prior to use with an equal volume of absolute ethanol. The exposure time is no longer than 2 minutes, and the section thickness is not more than 0.5 - 1.0 micron.

Use with the above solution permits successful flattening of epoxy-embedded sections and therefore improves the staining properties of semithin sections and also offers better immunoreactions in immunocytochemistry.

As well, it is a useful agent for removing folds and crumbles from semithin epoxy resin sections.


Reference: Felix Sierra, et al. (1990) J. of Microscopy, Vol. 159, Pt 1, pg. 95-98.