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Picking Up of Carbon Film

The Preparation of Adhesive Coated Grids for Picking Up Carbon Film to Make Carbon Coated Grids

The following steps should be followed in the preparation of adhesive coated grids:

  1. Submerge about 2" of Scotch clear tape (3M) into 10ml of Dichloroethane (Ethylene Dichloride); shake and discard the tape.
  2. The solution now becomes “grid-glue”
  3. Place the grids (dull side up) on a piece of filter paper (dust-free room).
  4. Take a pipette and place a drop of“grid-glue” on top of each grid.
  5. Let the grids dry.
  6. The grids are now ready to pick up the carbon foil and make the carbon coated grids.