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  • Tech Notes: Storage of Embedding Resin Mixtures

The Storing of Embedding Resin Mixtures

Our experience over the years shows that the best way to store remaining embedding resin mixtures is in disposable plastic syringes.



Take a fresh “all plastic” syringe (EMS Cat. #72520-72529- choose the appropriate size syringe depending on the volume mixture to be stored), remove the tip cover, slowly draw in the mixture. Remove any air space by holding the syringe with the tip in the upward position pulling the plunger slowly to clear the resin from the tip as well as letting the air move towards the tip; slowly push the plunger upward until the resin appears at the end of the tip; put on the tip cover. Wrap the syringe with aluminum foil, label it (name, mixture, and date) and store it in the refrigerator. This method protects the mixture from contamination by condensation, and it is also more convenient for future use.