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Resolution Standards

    • Art.Nr: GQ-AFM

      With GATTA‑AFM nanorulers, now adequate test samples are finally available. The GATTA-AFM nanorulers represent accurate and highly parallelized structures and are therefore perfectly suited to optimize and test the resolution of atomic force microscopes.

      • Starting at €151.70 €180.52

        For resolution test of SE and BSE imaging and also for chemical mapping in high-resolution systems such as an Auger scanning instrument. Gold particle range from 5nm to 150nm approximately.

        Starting at €151.70 €180.52

        • Starting at

          For very high resolution performance testing this specimen has a smaller gold particle size ranging from <3nm to 50nm as compared to the high resolution test above. Ideal for testing at instrument magnifications of 50,000x and above.

          Starting at

          • Starting at €309.40 €368.19

            With gold particles ranging from <2nm to 30nm, this test is suitable for ultra high resolution SEM tests such as field emission electron source. A magnification of at least 80,000x is required for this test.

            Starting at €309.40 €368.19

            • €457.70 €544.66
              Art.Nr: E80130-Ti
              TipCheck exploits reverse imaging to provide a fast and simple way to assess new and used SPM tips without the need for SEM inspection.
              €457.70 €544.66
              • Art.Nr: E80130-Nb
                The Nioprobe device is used to determine the shape at the very apex of the tip probe for microscopy measurements.
                • €535.50 €637.25
                  Art.Nr: E79514-01
                  The various spacings created by the dendritic structure give the gap test, and the topographical arrangement of the dendrites leads to the gray level test. Probe Size range of 25nm to 75nm.
                  €535.50 €637.25