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Wafers are not only used in the chip industry, but also as a conductive substrate in scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The boxes and containers protect the fragile wafers from damage and breakage during storage and transportation. They are also suitable for long-term storage and archiving of the wafers.

for Wafers

    • Starting at €12.00 €14.28

      Transport containers for single 100mm wafers or other flat round substrates of similar size. The three-part transparent shells are made of antistatic polycarbonate. The star-shaped insert ensures that the wafer is held at the edges only.

      Starting at €12.00 €14.28

      • €15.50 €18.45
        Art.Nr: SC4T25
        The box is made of plastic and suitable for transporting 100mm (4") wafers. The sensitive wafers are protected against contamination and damage. The box is designed for the transport of up to 25 wafers 25.
        €15.50 €18.45