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    • Starting at €60.90 €72.47

      This filing system offers a clean, compact, and convenient alternative for the storage of biological samples. In the clear polystyrene case, with hinged lid, alpha-numerical index, and individual partitions fits up to 60 vials. Foam inserts offer extra protection for the vials.

      Starting at €60.90 €72.47

      • Starting at €28.40 €33.80

        These round floating bubble racks can incubate 8 to 20 tubes in a beaker of water. Perfect for use in microbiology and immunology labs. Made to be used in beakers. The racks are loaded from the top and the tubes are easily removed by pressing the rack down on a bench until the short legs touch. Molded from buoyant foam-filled TPXR (polymethylpentene) with tiny bubbles throughout. They are steam autoclavable at 121°C.

        Starting at €28.40 €33.80

        • Starting at €86.00 €102.34

          The racks are stackable when not in use and are steam autoclavable at 121ºC. With different diameters, depth and measurement the scintillation vial racks fit for different vials and applications.

          Starting at €86.00 €102.34

        • Starting at €60.90 €72.47

          • Starting at €104.30 €124.12

            Made from heavy-duty chipboard. Fits most standard rack systems. With dividers. Slotted for cross-ventilation.

            Contains divided spaces for up to 81x 2.5ml and 3.5 ml vials.

            Starting at €104.30 €124.12

            • Starting at €44.80 €53.31

              Accommodates up to 50 vials of 13,5mm diameter in a 5x10 array with alphanumeric indexing. Autoclavable at 121°C.

              Its unique design with slotted cavities accepts vials with slotted skirts. When placed in the holes the vials become locked in position, enabling the user to attach or remove the cap with one hand.

              Starting at €44.80 €53.31

              • Starting at €86.00 €102.34

                Brushed aluminum racks holds 6x12mm O.D. microbeakers or 22mm and 25mm O.D. microbeakers in unique, stepped "see-through" holes for illuminated and microscopic observation of samples.

                Starting at €86.00 €102.34

                • Starting at €80.60 €95.91

                  This rugged polypropylene rack holds 48 vials, size 1 dram (15x45mm); or 4ml tissue culture vials; or 2ml serum vials in 4x12 configuration with alpha-numeric indexing.

                  The rack is constructed from chemically resistant, autoclavable (121°C for 20 minutes) polypropylene and features corner posts to assure stability when stacking empty.

                  Starting at €80.60 €95.91

                  • €91.40 €108.77
                    Art.Nr: E72640
                    Machined from solid aluminum, holds 5 (#72630-10) shell vials. It is ideal for handling cold or hot samples for prolonged periods of time out of the refrigerator or oven. Comes complete with a handle.
                    €91.40 €108.77
                    • €913.90 €1,087.54
                      Art.Nr: E61955-10
                      The Double Chamber fits 2x 96-well PCR trays or individual tubes and strips.  each edge can accommodate up to (12) 0,5ml and (8) 1,5ml tubes.  Great for temperature sensitive liquid transfers.
                      €913.90 €1,087.54
                      • €252.00 €299.88
                        Art.Nr: E61083-10
                        CryoFlex® is a hollow tube which is useful for encasing and sealing cryo vials, when storing samples immersed in liquid nitrogen.
                        €252.00 €299.88
                        • €246.80 €293.69
                          Art.Nr: E61082-10
                          Ideal for enclosing Cryo Storage Canes for extra security during handling and storage. Fits over most other canes. Will not become brittle during freezing or thawing. Will not shred or tear after repeated use like cardboard.
                          €246.80 €293.69
                          • €157.00 €186.83
                            Art.Nr: E63284
                            Individually, self-contained, stackable drawers.
                            €157.00 €186.83