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Science Services GmbH is licensed European distributer for the following grid manufacturers:


Gilder Grids Ltd.

For over 35 years the Gilder Grids Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacture and development of small precision fine mesh products. Gilder Grids Ltd. manufactures a large range of specimen support grids for electron microscopy, in a wide range of materials and well-defined mesh patterns. Their products are made using the latest electroforming and etching technologies, enabling very fine bars and features to be achieved.


Gradicules Optics (former Pyser-SGI Ltd.)

With our partner Gradicules Optics on our side we are able to offer a wide range of grids in a variety of metals and finishes to meet the majority of requirements. Gradicules Optics has been manufacturing specimen support grids for the electron microscopist for nearly 40 years using their extensive knowledge of processes and techniques as applied in the main company activity of micropattern production. Gradicules Optics manufactures Economy, Embra (Brandsma) and Maxtaform ranges of electron microscope support grids.


Veco© Specimen Grids

With a wide variety of styles available, Veco© Grids offer superior handling characteristics. Plus, with a 20μm thickness, Veco Grids are the most rigid grids available. One side of these grids has a shiny surface, the other a matte surface. Uniform, sturdy clean-edged bars.


EMS Support Film on Grids

Support Film on grids by Electron Microscopy Sciences (EMS) has become a main product line since the demand for high quality coated grids has increased. To make microscopy work easier EMS offers a huge variety of films and thicknesses. All coated grids are optically checked followed by batch testing in the EM.


Holey Film Brands

Holey films can be divided in films with regular and irregular pattern. We offer films irregular pattern (holey carbon, lacey carbon) from EMS.


Regular patterned films are available from the following brands:


C-flat™ is an ultra-flat, holey carbon-coated support grid for TEM. Unlike competing holey carbon films, C-flat™ is manufactured without plastics, so it is clean upon arrival and the user has no residue to contend with. C-flat™ can be customized to user specific requirements. Requests for customized parts can be made directly to us via e-mail to tech@scienceservices.eu.



Quantifoil® is a perforated support foil with pre-defined hole size, shape and arrangement. It has advantages in electron microscopy (EM) or low-energy electron point source (LEEPS) microscopy when compared with conventional holey film. QUANTIFOIL ® is offered with circular and square, orthogonal arranged holes. Films with different hole sizes and bar widths are available. Carbon is the standard material that makes the foil.