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TEM Grid - Material


The standard grid material is copper. For special needs and requirements, many grid types are further available in nickel, copper/palladium, gold, titanium, aluminum and stainless steel.


Nickel Grids

Nickel grids are used for IGSS staining (Immuno-Gold-Staining with Silver-enhancement) with ultra-small gold conjugates and silver enhancement. The silver enhancement would also bind to gold or copper grids.


Copper-palladium Grids

Copper grids plated with palladium offer better grid strength and avoid tarnishing.


Synaptek and Beryllium Grids

Very reliable under the electron beam Synaptek® inflexible grids, made of a special alloy (Beryllium- Copper). Offer extreme stability for coating with support film. They are 100μm thick, 3.05mm in diameter, this standard 2x1mm oval slot grids are contamination free and reusable after cleaning. 0.5x2mm oval slots are also available.


Beryllium Grids for TEM

Beryllium grids are superior to all other materials for in situ analysis in TEM because for practical purposes they give off no detectible background radiation which could interfere with the analysis.


TEM Specimen Supports in Molybdenum

Molybdenum is used principally in applications where its high temperature, hardness, expansion of coefficient and corrosion resistance characteristics are considered important.