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Types of Grids


Most of the grid types are available with a center and/or rim mark.

Center mark: Many grids have an asymmetrical center marking, enabling the four quadrants of the grid to be distinguished. Older grids have a ‘reverse arrow’ center marking to distinguish each half of the grid.

Rim mark: An asymmetrical mark in the rim allows for precise orientation of the grid, and aids in the identification of each side.

Handle, Rim tab: Some grid types are available with handle (Graticules Optics, VECO) or a rim tab (Gilder) for a better handling.



  • All Graticules Optics grids are approximately 15-25µm thickness, with the exception of stainless steel which is 12µm and titanium which is 15µm. 
  • Gilder grid thickness varies with the mesh repeat. As a general guide the lower the mesh repeat, the thicker the grid (50Mesh: 25µm, +/- 5µm; 600Mesh: 6µm, +/- 2µm).


Square Mesh (available from GILDER, Graticules Optics, VECO, (coated grids))

The huge variation in Mesh repeats. Bar/hole width change with increasing mesh repeat.





Parallel and Rectangular Mesh Grids (available from GILDER, Graticules Optics, VECO)

Parallel bar grids are particularly useful for obtaining information from sequential ribbons of sections.





Hexagonal Mesh (available from GILDER, Graticules Optics, VECO)

As an alternative to square mesh, hexagonal mesh grids offer a higher support factor for a given mesh repeat distance.





Aperture Grids (available from GILDER, Graticules Optics, VECO)

Aperture grids consist of one central circular hole. The larger the aperture dimension, the thicker the grid, for maximum rigidity.




Slot Grids (available from GILDER, Graticules Optics, VECO)

The larger the slot dimension the thicker the grid, rigidity is essential when using formvar/carbon films to avoid ‘cracking’. Molybdenum grids are especially useful in ion milling applications because of its resistance to etching.



Double Folding Grids (available from GILDER,Graticules Optics, VECO)

Double grids, offering a combination of mesh support values, are used primarily in metallurgical applications for supporting thin metal foils. Two grids are joined by a thin 'hinge', allowing one grid to be folded on top of the other, trapping the specimen between them. The grids have a curved securing tab which folds to the curvature of the doubled grid.




Finder, Coordinate, Reference Grids (Gilder, Graticules Optics)

The Finder range of grids are useful in applications where specific areas of mesh need to be uniquely identified. These areas range from blocks of 1 to 9 grid cells, and can typically be relocated using an alphabetical and/or numerical code built into the mesh.


Special Pattern Grids

Asbestos Analysis Index Grids

Lift out Grids for FIB

Nylon Grids

Special patterns can be manufactured on request. Please contact our Tech-Team (tech@ScienceServices.eu).