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Styles and Tips

The overview below shows the main basic types (styles).
The particular styles are sometimes available in modified versions (eg angled tips).

The corresponding styles can be selected easily with the filter function in the shop.
All other styles can be found under "Other”.


Style SS - long and narrow tips



Style 0 - thin tips



Style 1 - strong tips



Style 2 - strong, long tips



Style 2A - flat, round tips



Style 3 - thin tips



Style 4 - strong, thin tips



Style 5 - super thin tips



Style 5A - oblique tips
*filterable under "5-Series"



Style 7 - thin curved tips



Additional Style AC -  Tweezers with anticapillary tips are available in different styles and identified with the suffix "AC".
(can be filtered under "anti-capillary")