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Ultra Bottles (Oakridge Bottles), PC, 25x89mm, Assembly, Aluminum Cap, Beckman-type, each


Transparent, Thick Wall, autoclavable, fits popular fixed-angle rotors, assembly, aluminum cap, volume: 25ml.
€76.60 €91.15

Product Details


Polycarbonate Bottles

Polycarbonate bottle assemblies are provided in common sizes for use in many fixed-angle rotors. The three-piece cap assembly assures a liquid-tight seal during centrifugation. To cap the bottles, place the o-ring on the underside of the plug flange and insert the plug into the neck of the bottle. The o-ring is compressed and the seal made when the aluminum cap is hand-tightened onto the neck of the bottle.

Polycarbonate is transparent and autoclavable at 121°C. Because autoclaving significantly reduces the cycle life of the bottle, cold sterilization is recommended. When autoclaving, separate the cap assembly from the bottle. Because of the thick walls, the bottle cannot be sliced or punctured. Polycarbonate is resistant to neutral salts and dilute acid solutions but is not resistant to alkaline solutions. lt is suggested to use the bottles at a pH below 8 to extend bottle life.

More Information

More Information
Ultra Bottle (Oakridge Bottle)
Maximum Rotor Speed (exact details in datasheet) 60krpm (Bottle must be filled to use at maximum speed)
Packing Unit each
Tube Diameter
Volume 26,3ml