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Ultracentrifugation Tube, Open-Top, PA, 25x83mm, 50 pieces


Polyallomer: Thin Wall and translucent, punctureable and sliceable, autoclavable, molded stress-free, no brittleness.
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Open-Top Tubes


Polyallomer offers the best overall chemical resistance of plastic ultracentrifuge tubes. lt has a useful but limited solvent resistance at centrifugal stresses. lt has excellent resistance to alkaline gradients and can be used in a 2-12 pH range. lt is translucent but achieves some contact clarity with liquids. lt is non-wettable (1).

The useful centrifuge temperature range is 0-30°C, but short duration runs under certain circumstances may allow the use of tubes up to 40°C. Polyallomer tubes may be reused (2).

Polyallomer tubes can be sterilized by autoclaving at 121°C for more than 60 minutes with no detrimental effects on centrifuge tube performance. Sterilization can also be achieved by treatment with ethylene oxide gas or by cold methods (3).

 Polyallomer tubes are easily punctured and sliced. Puncturing through the tube bottom is relatively easy.


(1) One literature reference for improving wettability by chromic acid treatment is Oplinger, C.E., Heinrich, P.C., and Olson, RE., J. Lipid Res., 281, (1974).

(2) Tubes can be reused if significant deformation or stress cracking has not occurred. Capped tubes used in fixed-angle rotors may deform below the cap and in that case should not be reused.

(3) Aqueous solutions of 70% ethanol, 70% isopropanol or 10% hydrogen peroxide.

More Information

More Information
Packing Unit 50 pieces
Tube Diameter
Volume 35,8ml