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The corresponding safety datasheets for the following products can be found here.


    • €59.90 €71.28
      Art.Nr: DMGP18-10

      Oolong Tea Extract (OTE) is a non-toxic and non-radioactive stain for electron microscopy. It is effective for fibrous connective tissues. OTE acts as a Tannin which allows complete post-stain lead citrate mordanting and gives satisfactory results. Powder is ideal for longer storage.

      €59.90 €71.28
      • €223.80 €266.32
        Art.Nr: E21900

        Osmiophilic reagent. With the Thiocarbohydrazide it´s possible to enhance the contrast of all osmophilic components of the cell, especially lipids, which hold the most osmium.

        An indefinite shelf life due to a special purification process.

        H2NNHCSNHNH2 / m.p. 171°C (decomposed)



        €223.80 €266.32
        • €40.30 €47.96
          Art.Nr: E13060

          (3,3',4,4'-Biphenyltetramin). Used as an ultrastructural protein tracer for immuno-cytochemistry. A possible carcinogen.

          C12H14N4 / m.p. 173°C

          €40.30 €47.96